Watch: Americans Try Hajmola For The First Time, Hilarious Reactions Inside

Watch: Americans Try Hajmola For The First Time, Hilarious Reactions Inside, the vie

Popular digestive Hajmola’s popularity in India can be gauged from the fact that, for years, the brand’s name has resonated with millions of households across the country. The tasty digestive tablets are something that has defined the childhood of most Indians in the past few decades. However, that’s not the case with Americans. For them, our favourite tangy tablet is a whole new discovery. A video on YouTube shows us the reactions of a few Americans after having Hajmola. So far, the video has garnered 3.9k ‘likes’ and has been viewed 83,650 times.

Believe us, when the American participants tasted Hajmola for the first time, the gamut of reactions ranged from astonishment to shock! Initially, they got curious when they were told that it was a spicy candy.

One participant, Zack, smelled it and asked, “Candy is sweet usually, right?”

His father felt it smelt like “seasoning salt”. His mother, too, nodded in agreement, saying that smelt like something that’s added to chicken as seasoning.

After smelling it a few times, Zack ended up sneezing. Finally, when they tasted it, they felt it was “salty” and “spicy”. Zack’s mother felt Hajmola was only fit for seasoning chicken. However, her husband was more considerate and said that it wasn’t too bad, “but it just seems like it should be in smaller amounts”.

Another curious participant, John, asked, “Is it like the Mexican mole?” when he was told to try Hajmola. He even sniffed it and thought it smelled like an entire “taco shop”. After popping a pill, the burst of tangy flavours was too much for him to take. John didn’t know what to do — to chew it, suck it or spit it out. Eventually, he said that it reminded them of Mexican candies in convenience stores.

One woman participant just sat frowning at the taste. She didn’t have a clue what to do. After a while, she said with a frosty nose, “That’ll dissolve anything you eat.”

There were a few participants who just calmed down after the first jolt and begin to relish the pills. They were seen popping in more pills.

Watch the full video here:

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Many users on YouTube have dropped interesting comments. One of them, Manas Kocharekar, was left wondering what American eggs really tasted like if they were compared with Hajmola.

One user even recommended buying the tamarind flavoured Hajmola. “Give them the tamarind version. People like me prefer that,” said the user who goes by the name Paul Saha.

Another user, Dhruv Malik, took a dig at the hilarious video and wrote, “I can’t believe you haven’t tried Chavanprash yet…you should try that next.”

We also have Marvel Studios fans here. One user, Arpit Monga, wrote, “Loki: we have an army. Tony Stark: we have a Hulk. Indians: we have Hajmola. When Thanos was resisting to drop off the Gauntlet, I would have just dropped 5 Hajmola in his mouth.”

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