From Snacks To Dinner, 5 Ways You Can Include The High Protein Gram Flour In Your Diet

From Snacks To Dinner, 5 Ways You Can Include The High Protein Gram Flour In Your Diet, the vie

Whenever we think of dishes made of besan (Gram flour), pakodas are easily on the top of our lists. Certainly, a quintessential Indian snack, pakodas are delicious, deep-fried fritters made with different vegetables. Now as drool worthy as pakodas are for us, we understand that it is not the best option to include in your everyday diet, especially if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But don’t think that our love for besan starts and ends with pakodas, there is a long list of recipes you can make to enjoy the benefits and the taste of this nutritious gram flour.

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Besan is flour made from gram chickpea and has benefits aplenty. It is rich in fibre and much higher in protein than other flours. It keeps you full for long, helping you eat lesser calories throughout the day. It is low on glycemic acid which is helpful for maintaining blood sugar levels and it also helps in faster calorie burn. Apart from these benefits, the best part is that it is easily accessible and can be enjoyed in a number of varieties.

So, if you are confused on how to add this extremely beneficial flour to your diets, here are 5 recipes that you can follow:

1.Besan papdi :

Besan papdi is a snack which fits your teatime as well as your lunch and dinners. Easy to make and store, this besan papdi will be ready in minutes but will last you weeks. All you need to do is fry thin sheets of the papdi dough and it’s done. Click here for the recipe.

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Besan papdi is a crispy and light snack

2. Besan chila :

Start your day on a healthy note with this besan chila which is so flavourful that is often considered as the vegetarian omelette. Load it up with chopped cabbages, carrots, onions, and make these perfect breakfast snacks to enjoy with curd of chutney. Read the recipe here.

3. Gatte ki sabji :

Gatte ki sabzi requires no introduction – it is loved by all and made frequently too. This curry doesn’t require a lot of oil and is made with simple Indian spices, yet it is one of those curries which will instantly amp up your plain lunch and dinner spreads. Read the recipe here.

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Gatte ki sabji is a simple yet loved dish you can make at home

4. Zunka bhakri :

A Maharastrian dish, Zunka Bhakri is another dry curry you can either enjoy with rice or roti. The base of the dish is besan, tempered with onion, tomatoes and spices. It has a soft consistency and taste simply amazing with bajra rotis. Read the recipe here.

5. Besan ka sheera :

What better way to end the list than with a dessert? Besan ka sheera is a delicious gooey dessert made with ghee, milk, besan and lots of nuts. It is also considered a great remedy for cold, but we are sure the rich flavours will make us want to have it every other day anyway. Read the simple recipe here.

There you have it, 5 different ways you can include the high protein besan in your diets. Let us know if you benefit from these recipes in the comments below.

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