Sanskrit varsity teachers to go on indefinite strike- The New Indian Express

Sanskrit varsity teachers to go on indefinite strike- The New Indian Express, the vie

By Express News Service

KOCHI:  Trouble seems to be plaguing the Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit in Kalady. After the controversy over faculty appointments, the loss of MA Sanskrit Literature third semester answer sheets shook the university leading to the suspension of the chairman of examinations. However, calling the suspension of K M Sangamesan an unjust and wrong action, the Association of Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit Teachers (ASSUT) demanded the university roll back the suspension order.

“If the university doesn’t repeal the suspension order and conduct a thorough and impartial investigation, teachers belonging to ASSUT will begin an indefinite hunger strike from Monday,” said Bichu X Malayil, general secretary of the association. 

Since July 15, the teachers’ union had been holding protests, dharnas and mass fasting to highlight the issue but the university higher-ups did not bother to pay heed to the voices of dissent, he said. The teachers’ union alleged vested interests in the university are trying to extend the suspension in an underhanded way.

“The university officials are using tricks, normally employed by political parties to exact revenge on opponents, against those lecturers who are the backbone of the institution,” alleged Malayil.  “It is under these circumstances that ASSUT has decided to launch an indefinite relay hunger strike.” 

The teachers’ union considers the loss of answer sheets from the Sanskrit department a grave matter, said the general secretary. It has demanded a thorough investigation into the matter by the various varsity committees and other investigation agencies to smoke out the real culprits. “We have handed over the evidence to the university syndicate committee investigating the incident and also to the police,” said Malayil. 

The union alleged the university officials were single-mindedly targeting the ASSUT president and had conducted a very shoddy investigation into the incident.

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