Halo Infinite Beta: ODST Difficulty And Recharge Map Are Live

Halo Infinite Beta: ODST Difficulty And Recharge Map Are Live, the vie

Halo Infinite Beta: ODST Difficulty And Recharge Map Are Live, the vie

343 Industries has released a new, more challenging difficulty for folks to try out in the Halo Infinite technical test. A new map has been added as well.

The new difficulty is ODST, which is a step above Marine. Cranking things up to ODST will make bots more effective at dodging both grenades and rockets, and cause them to try and Grappleshot you in order to bring you in for a melee kill.

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The new map is Recharge, which joins the ongoing rotation of Slayer maps currently a part of the technical test: Bazaar and Live Fire.

In a tweet, 343 Industries wrote that players have collectively killed 1.2 million bots in the first day of the technical test.

So far, Halo Infinite’s technical test has encountered a number of hiccups, which is to be expected–that’s what the test is for. 343 Industries is working on the ongoing issues, but also hopes players understand that this is just a test, not a full game launch. The studio is not working around the clock to fix bugs during the test.

Halo Infinite’s technical test will continue until August 2. Don’t worry if you didn’t make it in–343 Industries released gameplay of a full Halo Infinite match, so you can at least see what the game is like. Even running on Xbox One, it looks really good.

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