Watch: Baby Elephants Successfully Plotting A Milk Heist Is The Best Thing On Internet Today

Watch: Baby Elephants Successfully Plotting A Milk Heist Is The Best Thing On Internet Today, the vie

It’s Sunday, which means tomorrow it is back to work and, on top of it, the weather is dull and dreary too. If these thoughts have you feeling blue, we have just what you need to brighten up your mood and leave you smiling. Sheldrick Wildlife, a rehabilitation sanctuary for elephants in Kenya, posted a video of their baby elephants on Twitter. The video was posted on July 31, and has since gone viral. It has been liked 2.6k times and garnered over 14,000 views. The sanctuary captioned the video, “Waste not, want not — the nursery orphans are always plotting a milk heist.”

In the video, a herd of little baby elephants is busy clamouring over each other with their trunks. The cute elephants are attempting to grab a wheelbarrow filled with bottles of milk for them.

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Watch the video here:

The viral video received several comments with Twitter users posting hilarious and awestruck reactions to the actions of the little milk thieves.

One user wrote, “That has to be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! I marvel that the SWT has developed a formula that not only has all the nutrients the babies need but is clearly delicious as well.”

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Another user wrote, “One of my most favourite pieces of film from SWT. These guys are so smart at locating their milk containers.”

There was this one user who had “watched at least seven different movies on baby elephants and how they imprint on humans that feed them”. The user added that it felt good that the “babies are taken care of”.

One user hilariously offered to “secretly help” the baby elephants “execute the milk heist”.

Another user couldn’t “even handle” how the “beautiful babies” looked with their “cute widdle tusks” poking out.

One other user compared the scene to a “happy hour”.

Tell us in the comments below what you thought of this adorable video of baby elephants.

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