A Shot in the Customer’s Arm- The New Indian Express

A Shot in the Customer’s Arm- The New Indian Express, the vie

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Vaccinated customers are a pampered lot these days. Companies across the country are offering a plethora of perks to those who have had both Covid-19 jabs. Brands are using vaccination to get more attention and in turn, reach out to more customers. Here are a few incentives that are currently on offer.

Redbus Imagine a bus journey with only vaccinated people! That’s the promise by bus ticketing company Redbus, where only people with at least 1 shot of the vaccine would be allowed to book a few buses.

Indigo Airlines
Its special Vaxi Fare offers a 10 percent discount to all travellers with at least one dose of the vaccine.

A Shot in the Customer’s Arm- The New Indian Express, the vieRoastery Coffee House  
Everyone with a vaccine shot can walk in for their free coffee in this cafe on Road No 1, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

Central Bank of India 
Its Special Deposit Product ‘Immune India Deposit Scheme’ for 1,111 days offers an attractive extra interest rate of 25 basis points above the applicable card rate for citizens who have been vaccinated.

Chitale Bandhu Free Snacks
Pune’s most famous snack brand is giving 50gm of Bhakarwadi to customers who have taken a vaccine shot. This can be done after every shot, so one can get two packs of the famous snack at the outlet.

Free Gold and Food in Rajkot 
After few locals opted for the vaccine, business groups in Rajkot, Gujarat, came together to organise vaccination camps. All the women coming to these camps were given a gold nose ring. 

Free Rides with Uber
One of the first companies to give perks was Uber when they offered to and fro rides to the vaccination centres. Customers could get up to `150 off on the rides. This helped a lot of people reach their vaccination centres during the lockdowns.

Apart from these offers, some places are even punishing people for not getting vaccinated. Pakistan is planning to block SIM cards of non-vaccinated folks. On the other hand, some temple managements in Southern India are asking for a vaccine certificate before entering. 

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