Dog missing for two years reunited with family after being spotted on TV

Dog missing for two years reunited with family after being spotted on TV, the vie

The dog, Payday, was featured on a TV news segment about adoptable pets when Dwight, his owner, who had been looking for him for the past two years, recognized him instantaneously.

, the vie

Payday reunites with family after two year. Image credit: Facebook/Wisconsin Humane Society

In a heartening incident, a Wisconsin man was reunited with his dog, missing for two years, after spotting him on a television news segment on adoptable pets. The family quickly informed the TV news crew that the dog featured on their show was their pet Payday.

A Facebook post, shared by the Wisconsin Humane Society, revealed that the owner, Dwight, contacted WITI-TV after watching an Adopt-A-Pet segment featuring his long-lost dog. It shared a video of their happy reunion.

Watch the video here:

In the video, Dwight’s mother has come to pick up Payday who clearly cannot contain his happiness. The video, which was posted last week on 28 July, is currently going viral and has amassed over 43,000 views so far.

Reacting to the heartwarming union, many social media users have shared their joy and some have even praised the channel for making this happen.

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