Halo Infinite’s Doors Make Spartans Look Like Grunts

Halo Infinite’s Doors Make Spartans Look Like Grunts, the vie

Halo Infinite’s Doors Make Spartans Look Like Grunts, the vie

While players have been shooting up bots and swinging around maps during Halo Infinite’s technical preview, some have noticed an odd detail. Homes in the future are either being built for Lady Dimitrescu-sized people or Spartans are getting shorter.

A screenshot of the ongoing Halo Infinite beta taken by GamesRadar’s Leon Hurley shows just how wonky the game’s scaling is. In it, a Spartan stands right next to a door, which you’d expect them to basically scrape their head against. Instead, the armored super-warrior looks like a middle schooler, standing with their chest at the doorknob. That’s a little odd taking into account that Spartans are, on average, around seven feet tall.

Of course, the door being so tall, along with most rooms in Halo Infinite‘s beta being so large, was likely done to make players feel more comfortable. With a more fluid movement system, indoor environments have to be larger to accommodate more players running and jumping around a room. It certainly wouldn’t be fun if players could only jump half a foot before banging their head on the ceiling.

Since this is just a beta (technically not even a beta), it’s also possible that Halo Infinite’s scaling could change by the time it launches. The game is currently set to launch this holiday season, but a solid date has not been announced yet. It’s unlikely to be delayed again though, with Xbox boss Phil Spencer saying that Halo Infinite’s release window has been narrowed down to just “a few weeks.”

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