Video of UK hospice celebrating octogenarian patient’s birthday goes viral

Video of UK hospice celebrating octogenarian patient’s birthday goes viral, the vie

The staff members at St Richard’s Hospice brought Roz’s bed near the facility’s garden where the party was held that included a vocal performance and cake.

, the vie

File image of 88-year-old Roz’s birthday. Screen grab from Facebook page/ St Richard’s Hospice

Celebrating birthdays and making them special for others is an age-old tradition. Recently, a heart-touching video of a surprise birthday party for a bedridden patient is winning hearts online.

A hospice care centre in the United Kingdom (UK) at St Richard’s in Worcestershire threw a surprise birthday party for an 88-year-old patient, identified as Roz, who is bedridden. With the help of a few staff members, Roz’s bed was brought near the facility’s garden where a singer performed some soulful tracks to entertain the woman on her special day.

Check out the viral video here:

In the video, a woman dressed in a Belle-like yellow gown is seen singing for the birthday girl. The singer, named Nicole, from Doorstep Princesses had come to the hospice facility to make the day special for Roz and her family.

“It is always our privilege to help make time spent at St Richard’s as personal and special for our patients as possible,” the care centre in Worcestershire wrote while sharing the video.

On the occasion of Roz’s special day, the hospice care centre also baked a cake.

For the unversed, hospice care focuses on taking care of terminally ill patients. The staff at these centres also attend to patients’ emotional and spiritual needs. These care centres prioritise comfort and quality of life.

Since being shared online, this video has been grabbing attention and making social media users emotional. There were many who thanked the care centre for bringing joy to terminally ill patients while others applauded the singer for trying to uplift the patient’s mood. Through this video, several people also felt inspired to make similar arrangements for their loved ones who are currently ill.

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