BTS: RM, V and Jungkook’s crawl catches ARMY’s attention, Suga and J-Hope check on each other through video call

BTS: RM, V and Jungkook’s crawl catches ARMY’s attention, Suga and J-Hope check on each other through video call, the vie

BTS released their Memories of 2020, a DVD featuring their memorable moments from the year gone by, and it has received all kinds of reactions from the ARMY. The package features members – RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook – through their numerous shows, practices and performances.

Although fans enjoyed every bit of content being put out from BTS’ Memories of 2020, a few moments from the package had fans talking. Here’s a quick look at them:

RM, V and Jungkook’s crawling:

A few videos from Memories of 2020 featured the members practicing together in the dance studio. Before they could get down to dancing, they were warming up for the day. As part of their warm up, RM, V and Jungkook appeared to be crawling. The video drew fans’ attention.

A curious fan asked, “What are they doing they look like lil toddlers crawling.” Another fan joked, “Breaking News: The biggest band in the universe, BTS, were found engaging in a very intense and mind-boggling crawling competition in their dance studio.”

Suga and J-Hope’s video call:

BTS fans on Twitter have been sharing clips of Suga and J-Hope on a video call. A few fans noted that the video call took place when both the BTS members were shooting their respective music videos for Map of the Soul: 7. On the video call, the duo was checking up and encouraging each other.

Suga’s reaction to Jin and Jungkook in Daechwita:

A video from the behind-the-scenes of the song Daechwita features Suga’s reaction to Jin and Jungkook’s cameo in his song. The rapper was impressed with the duo’s performance.

Jimin teaches V cartwheeling:

Memories of 2020 revealed that Jimin taught V how to perform the cartwheel. In videos shared by the fandom, Jimin performed a clean cartwheel while V fell during his attempts. The fandom cheered him on despite his failed attempt.

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BTS had a memorable 2020. Although the pandemic forced them to cancel their world tour, they released new songs and performed on numerous shows. BTS also released their first all-English track Dynamite last year, which helped them bag their first Grammy nomination.

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