Mammootty completes 50 years in films: Why all his cars have the number 369 and other lesser-known facts

Mammootty completes 50 years in films: Why all his cars have the number 369 and other lesser-known facts, the vie

Mammootty is one of the very few Indian actors who has successfully completed 50 years in the industry. What’s interesting about this journey is that the 69-year-old is still relevant and enjoys a large fan base, which is even bigger than what some of the younger stars have. As he completes 50 years in the film industry, here are some interesting facts about him.

The significance of the number 369 in Mammootty’s life

Not many know that Mammootty is very fond of the number 369. Even those who are aware of this, don’t know the reason behind the significance of this number in his life. All his cars are registered with the number 369.

Apparently, Mammootty bought a briefcase that had 369 as the lock code at the beginning of his career. He grew fond of the number as it’s a multiple of 3 and ended up using the same number for all his cars.

Mammootty originally rejected the role of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar due to the look

Throughout his career, Mammootty did not sport a clean-shaven look except once, when he was signed to play Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar. Initially, Mammootty turned down the offer, citing no dates. However, it was later revealed that Mammootty was initially not interested in taking up the project because he didn’t want to go clean-shaven, especially take off his moustache. He eventually went on to do the project with a clean-shaven look.

Record number of double roles

Mammootty, who has starred in over 400 films so far, has created a record with the number of times he has played double roles in films. In his five-decade-long career, he has played double roles in 17 films, just behind Prem Nazir who has played dual roles in 39 films.

First actor to star in a film franchise

Mammootty is the first Indian actor to play the same character as a part of a film franchise. Mammootty played the character of CBI officer Sethurama Iyer in all the four movies of the hit CBI series. All the films in the series had the same director and scriptwriter.

Record pairing with Seema

Actor Seema starred opposite Mammootty in the highest number of films as a romantic pair. They worked together in 38 movies. In second place is Mammootty’s pairing with Shobana in 33 movies.

Most collaborations with Mohanlal

Mammootty, who shares a very good relationship with Mohanlal on and off-screen, has worked in 51 films with him. Interestingly, 14 of these movies were directed by IV Sasi. Some of their best films are Padayottam, Paavam Poornima, Enthino Pookunna Pookkal, Angadikkappurathu 1985, Avidathepole Ivideyum and Vartha.

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