Flashing lights near Jalahalli Air Force Station have authorities puzzled

Flashing lights near Jalahalli Air Force Station have authorities puzzled, the vie

After a fortnight of keeping vigil, the police are yet to identify the source of lights that were spotted flashing briefly around Jalahalli Air Force station more than a month ago.

Around 40 days ago, sentries at the Air Force station saw lights flashing near the compound wall during their rounds. After failing to identify the object despite conducting a search, they alerted the police.

According to sources, the Jalahalli and Gangammana Gudi police conducted a search, but also failed to identify the source of the lights.

“Security personnel also could not see what the object was as it was dark. But they suspect that it was a small flying object like a drone,” a police officer said.


He added that it was a one-time occurrence, which could not be confirmed. The police, who kept watch for the past fortnight, reported no further sightings.

“But we are continuing the probe. Apartments and colonies were checked for evidence of a drone, but nothing was found,” said the officer.

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