KSPCB’s turmeric Ganesha campaign aims at one million idols this season

KSPCB’s turmeric Ganesha campaign aims at one million idols this season, the vie

The Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) is promoting its ‘health-friendly’ and ‘eco-friendly’ campaign for the ensuing Gowri-Ganesha festival across the State in view of the pandemic situation.

For the second successive year, the Board is promoting idols made from turmeric. “Make idols at home, offer puja and go for green immersion at home” – is the Board’s message ahead of the festive season.

According to the Board, the people can make the idol from turmeric, which is believed to have many medical values, instead of going in search for the clay idols in the market.

The Board has released videos on YouTube as a part of its campaign to demonstrate idol making from turmeric. The videos are also being shared on different social media platforms as part of the promotions. Some companies have joined the campaign and are supporting the Board in circulating the message for an eco-friendly festival.

The campaign has set a target of one million home-made turmeric idols for this festival. In this connection, the Board has invited the people to join the initiative of Turmeric Ganesha Campaign-2021.

“You can be part of the world record event by sharing the pictures with the homemade turmeric Ganesha idol. People can visit the social media handles or This is an exciting opportunity to win prizes and a certificate. Please spread the campaign and join the cause,” the message from the Board said.

Urging the people to go green this festive season, the Board said turmeric Ganesh idols can be made through the “Do It Yourself” videos. The ingredients needed include flour (wheat), turmeric powder, water and oil.

The idols can be immersed at home and the water can be used to sanitise homes. The idols made from Plaster of Paris and the painted ones are not eco-friendly and tiny turmeric idols can help save water bodies, it said.

Agarbathi brands are also promoting the cause with stickers carrying the messages pasted on incense sticks packets on the Turmeric Ganesha campaign-2021. Around five lakh agarbathi packets will be carrying the message.

The following links can be accessed to watch the making of idols from turmeric (Arisina) –


B.M. Prakash, Senior Environment Officer, KSPCB, Mysuru said people can upload the images of the idols for being part of one million turmeric Ganesha campaign-2021.

The pictures can be shared visiting

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