17 dead following Kabul gunfire: Reports

17 dead following Kabul gunfire: Reports, the vie

17 dead following Kabul gunfire: Reports, the vie

New Delhi, Sep 04: In the citywide firing in the air last night 17 bodies and 41 wounded people were transferred to the Emergency Hospital in Kabul, Tolo News said.

Late on Friday celebratory gunfire rang across Kabul as rumours spread that the Panjshir Valley had fallen to the Taliban. The Taliban has not made any official statement, and the National Resistance Force claimed that these reports were false.

The Emergency Hospital in Kabul said that 17 bodies and 41 injured people were transported to its facility. Harm had been caused by last night’s citywide firing.

Meanwhile heavy fire is underway in Panjshir and according to media reports nearly 300 fighters from either sides have lost their lives. Ahmad Massoud who is leading the rebels said that the news of the Taliban taking over Panjshir is false.

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