A Cup Of Cappuccino Is All That Soha Ali Khan Needs To Ease Into Her Day

A Cup Of Cappuccino Is All That Soha Ali Khan Needs To Ease Into Her Day, the vie

Coffee lovers can fall for their favorite cup countless times. Something similar has happened with Bollywood actress Soha Ali Khan. The Rang De Basanti actress included an aromatic cup of cappuccino to her menu today. She posted its photo on Instagram Stories for all to see. We love the milky heart floating on the surface of the brew. Soha seems to have chomped on some delicious cookies too. We know it because we see a tray of cookies lying on the table just beside the coffee cup in the photo that she shared. Soha wrote “Another day, another coffee.”

, the vie

Soha enjoyed the simple combination of coffee and cookies

Celebrities often rave about coffee as their favorite beverage. While Soha Ali Khan isn’t saying it, we know she, too, is quite in love with a cappuccino. A cappuccino cup comprises coffee, milk, and milk foam all in thirds. Here’s how to make a cuppa at home, without much fuss. No need for expensive espresso machines.

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Traditionally, vanilla pods or beans were used to add a distinct flavor to cappuccino. However, vanilla essence becomes an easier and more efficient substitute these days. If you want to add a touch of vanilla to your cappuccino in the comfort of your home, here is the recipe.

Soha Ali Khan is not only a coffee person but also a tea person, it seems. We once saw her relishing a cup of “blue tea” made of butterfly pea flowers. Curious? Here’s how to make a cup of blue tea for yourself.

Soha Ali Khan can also spend her days over a healthy cup of chai when she is “feeling quite “brown” to Earth.” Wondering what we are referring to? In a photo on her Instagram page, we see Soha seated on her terrace lounging area with a cup of tea. That cup is surely going to pep up anyone’s day. Have a look:

Soha Ali Khan knows how to have fun over food. She once shot a video of her husband, actor Kunal Kemmu at their dining table. The video shows Kunal Kemmu hurriedly eating a plate of Pav Bhaji. The plate looks delicious. However, as soon as Kunal Kemmu puts the morsel in his mouth, he realises the food is too hot to taste. Soha wrote in a fun caption, “The breakfast of champions?”

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With all these food-related posts, Soha Ali Khan is making our tummies rumble with hunger.

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