Afghanistan crisis updates | Taliban sources claim control over Panjshir, Resistance says still holding out

Afghanistan crisis updates | Taliban sources claim control over Panjshir, Resistance says still holding out, the vie

The Taliban sources are claiming that they have seized control over Panjshir valley, the last standing province that the Taliban has not been able to capture, according to a Reuters report. However, a Resistance leader denied that the province had fallen. Panjshir valley is the only province that had resisted the first Taliban rule from 1996 to 2001.

The Taliban, is inching close to forming a government after the withdrawal of the U.S. troops from the war-torn country. Taliban co-founder Mullah Baradar is likely to lead a new Afghan government that could be announced soon.

The question still remains if many countries across the world will recognise the Taliban government in Afghanistan, and change the foreign policy accordingly.

Here are the latest developments:

9 am

Taliban sources say last Afghan holdout region falls; Resistance denies claim

Three Taliban sources told Reuters  that the Islamist militia had on Friday seized the Panjshir valley north of Kabul, the last province of Afghanistan holding out against it, although a resistance leader denied it had fallen. “By the grace of Allah Almighty, we are in control of the entire Afghanistan. The troublemakers have been defeated and Panjshir is now under our command,” said one Taliban commander.


8 am

Afghan women take to streets, demand right to work and more inclusiveness

A small group of Afghan women protested near the presidential palace in Kabul on Friday, demanding equal rights from the Taliban as Afghanistan’s new rulers work on forming a government and seeking international recognition.

The protest in Kabul was the second women’s protest in as many days, with the other held in the western city of Herat. Around 20 women with microphones gathered under the watchful eyes of Taliban gunmen, who allowed the demonstration to proceed.

The women demanded access to education, the right to return to work and a role in governing the country. “Freedom is our motto. It makes us proud,” read one of their signs.


7.30 am

Amrullah Saleh refutes reports stating he had fled the country

Deposed Afghanistan Vice President Amrullah Saleh, one of the leaders of the opposition forces, told Tolo News television station that reports he had fled the country were lies.

And in a video clip posted on Twitter by a BBC World journalist who said it had been sent by Saleh, he said: “There is no doubt we are in a difficult situation. We are under invasion by the Taliban … We have held the ground, we have resisted.”

He also tweeted: “The RESISTANCE is continuing and will continue. I am here with my soil, for my soil & defending its dignity.”


7 am

U.S. expects to admit more than 50,000 evacuated Afghans

At least 50,000 Afghans are expected to be admitted into the United States following the fall of Kabul as part of an “enduring commitment” to help people who aided the American war effort and others who are particularly vulnerable under Taliban rule, the Secretary of Homeland Security said on Friday.

Tens of thousands of Afghans have already made it through security vetting and arrived in the U.S. to begin the process of resettlement. Exactly how many more will come and how long it will take remain open questions, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said as he outlined the effort.


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