How To Make Soan Papdi? Viral Video Shows Painstaking Process

How To Make Soan Papdi? Viral Video Shows Painstaking Process, the vie

Soan Papdi is one desi dessert that is evergreen and ubiquitous. Head to any sweet shop in your locality, and you’ll probably find it stacked in boxes, packed and ready to be sold. It is a common gift during festivals such as Diwali. In fact, it is a long-standing joke that Soan Papdi boxes are the most circulated gifts among acquaintances. However, the humble Soan Papdi actually has a long and cumbersome method of preparation. The crumbly and melt-in-the-mouth texture of the Indian sweet actually comes through a painstaking process.

In a recently surfaced YouTube video by @indiaeatmania, the blogger takes us behind-the-scenes showing a sneak peek of how Soan Papdi is made. The location of the video is said to be at the Mega Kitchen factory in Gujarat. The video is currently among the top trending videos on YouTube and has received over 62 million views to date. Take a look at the full video here:

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The video showed the preparation of 4kgs of Soan Papdi in a single go. First, sugar syrup is prepared in a machine and then left to cool. The stringy sugar is then kneaded by four workers to give a structure like a giant rubber band.

Besan flour mixed with dry fruits and ghee is then added to the middle of the loop and beaten again. This process is repeated for quite some time until the Soan Papdi mix became thread-like and soft. Then, these strands are put in a mould and topped with dry fruits and cut into square pieces. The Soan Papdi boxes are then packaged and sold in the form we know!

How intriguing, right? This behind-the-scenes video of making Soan Papdi definitely piqued our curiosity. Recently, another viral YouTube video had featured the procedure of making popular Rajasthani sweet Ghevar. Unlike Soan Papdi, Ghevar is prepared by using Maida and deep-frying it in hot oil with a unique technique. Click here to read more about it.

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