‘Brahmins’ security top focus if BSP wins’: Mayawati

‘Brahmins’ security top focus if BSP wins’: Mayawati, the vie


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‘Brahmins’ security top focus if BSP wins’: Mayawati, the vie

Lucknow, Sep 07: Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati has reached out to the Brahmin saying they will ensure the security of the community, if her party came to power.

, the vie

“Brahmins have agreed that under BSP’s rule, people from the Brahmin community were in a better condition as compared to under BJP’s rule,” Mayawati said.

“I assure the Brahmin community that if we come to power in the next elections, we will ensure their security. We should join more people from the Brahmin community with us for the upcoming elections to form the government with a majority, similar to 2007,” she added.

Mayawati also claimed that people from different sections of the society including Brahmins are joining the BSP as they are disappointed by the “biased” attitude of the BJP. This has made not only the BJP, but also the SP and Congress furious, she said.

Referring to a news channel survey on the upcoming Assembly elections, Mayawati said, “The vote share of the BJP has been shown above 40 per cent. The pre-election survey is completely sponsored, mischievous and misleading. The special aim of the survey is to show the BJP is strong, so that BSP leaders lose their confidence. But, the fact of the matter is the BSP is ready to face such conspiracies.”

With an eye on the crucial state polls, all major political parties in the state like SP, BJP have gone a step ahead to woo Brahmins. Mayawati’s Brahmin outreach was considered as one of the key factors for her win in the 2007 state assembly election.

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