Jacqueline Fernandez asks Bhoot Police director about her performance; is met with awkward silence. Watch | Bollywood

Jacqueline Fernandez asks Bhoot Police director about her performance; is met with awkward silence. Watch | Bollywood, the vie

  • Watch Jacqueline Fernandez compose herself after an awkward situation where she asked her Bhoot Police director about her performance and ‘didn’t get a response’.

PUBLISHED ON SEP 20, 2021 10:22 AM IST

Actor Jacqueline Fernandez composed herself after a potentially awkward situation when she asked her Bhoot Police director how she performed on the first day of filming, and he didn’t say anything. The moment was documented in a new vlog shared by Jacqueline on her YouTube channel. 

The actor had previously shared part one of her Bhoot Police vlogs. The second instalment documented the initial few days of the shoot in Dalhousie and featured her co-stars Saif Ali Khan, Arjun Kapoor and Yami Gautam. 

After the first day of filming ended, an excited Jacqueline walked up to the director Pavan Kirpalani and a few others, and said, “Bye guys! Day one, Bhoot Police!” She asked, “What do you guys have to say? Anything? What do you have to say about my performance?” The others just made ghost noises at her, and Jacqueline said ‘bye’ and left.

Walking away, she joked, “They didn’t say anything about my performance. They were very quiet. When I asked my director about my first day performance, somehow I didn’t get a response. Then all of a sudden, they just made ghost noises. It was a nice cover-up, I loved it.”

Bhoot Police, a horror-comedy about sibling tantrics who take up a case in Himachal Pradesh, was released on Disney+ Hotstar on September 10. A sequel is said to be in the works. 

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In her previous vlog, Jacqueline took fans inside the Mumbai airport’s private terminal, shared glimpses of her hotel room, and took it in her stride when the crew forgot to inform her that a script reading had been cancelled. A third part of the vlog series is on the way, she teased at the end of this one.


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