Nia Sharma had existential questions after Sidharth Shukla’s death: What are we running after? What does fame mean?

Nia Sharma had existential questions after Sidharth Shukla’s death: What are we running after? What does fame mean?, the vie

Actor Nia Sharma says that the news of Sidharth’s death was tough on her. “It was not easy to accept.”

UPDATED ON SEP 20, 2021 06:28 PM IST

Nia Sharma is looking at the positive side of life and believes that things will get better than yesterday. She says, the pandemic taught us the value of our health and family. “I have learnt to appreciate what I have. I have lost work due to the pandemic but I have not complained as people have lost their lives. Aaj zinda rehna zaroori hai. I can’t cry about losing a project. With God’s grace, kaam aura aa jayega. Everyone I know has lost someone close or in their immediate family and it is a terrible feeling. But what can you do but live with harsh realities with a heavy heart. One has to move on and get back to work,” she explains.

The Jamai Raja actor reveals that though didn’t know the late Sidharth Shukla personally, the news of his death hit her badly. She was in a reality show for a day and was excited and jumping around when she came out as it had turned out well but then, she heard about Shukla. She recalls, “It hit me so hard. I was crying for good 20 minutes. I felt like the world had crashed. I didn’t know what all this was about? What are we running after? What does fame mean? My head was exploding with these questions. The surge of emotions was tough. It was not easy to accept.”

Sharma adds that so many people spoke about Shukla right after his death, which was not needed. “Let a death be a death. Let people close to that person mourn for their loss in private. Don’t hog or try to achieve two-seconds of fame from someone’s death. I am talking about how a death is covered in the media and what the family must have gone through. I wonder, if wasn’t a famous actor, would people care? Would they be talking about his death? Sadly, this is how the world, media and all of us function. Sidharth Shukla was a huge star who rose to heights of fame and touched millions of hearts all over. Everyone cried for him and everyone wanted to cover him, but things went too far and too many insensitive moments should have been avoided. We need to change ourselves and be better,” she hopes.


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