Citizens: Why aren’t e-bike riders booked for traffic offences? | Bengaluru News

Citizens: Why aren’t e-bike riders booked for traffic offences? | Bengaluru News, the vie

BENGALURU: Residents of Koramangala, the city’s startup hub, on Saturday bombarded police commissioner Kamal Pant with queries on penalties pertaining to violations by riders of rental electric bikes.
“Why are e-bike riders not punished for offences like riding on pavements or violating one-way rule among others?” asked many during the monthly public-police interaction presided over by the top cop at Koramangala police station.
Residents pointed out that some unscrupulous riders using Yulu e-bikes do not wear helmet, ride on pavements, jump the signal, enter one-way streets in opposite direction and haphazardly park the bikes on pavements. “When they ride like any other two-wheeler, why not book them for traffic violations?” they asked before adding “We have seen minors riding these bikes.
Cops said there are no specific rules and regulations as e-bikes don’t fall under the Motor Vehicle Act due to technical issues and currently are booking such violators under IPC section 283 (danger or obstruction in public way or line of navigation).
Pant said: “There are some issues related to use of e-bikes. We are holding talks with the government department concerned as well as officials from Yulu. As of now, these ebikes do not come under the MV Act and hence we can’t penalise the riders for normal traffic violations. But it’s high time they were brought under the law of the land.”
This apart, a couple of parents expressed concern about a few autorickshaw drivers trying to lure children with chocolates near parks. “What if they are kidnappers,” the residents asked. Cops assured more patrolling near parks to prevent untoward incidents.
Further, residents complained of issues like potholes, unscientific speed-breakers, youngsters performing motorbike stunts and towing vehicle staff not making prior announcements before lifting motorbikes.

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