Ap Minister Responds To Pawan Kalyan Over His Criticism Of Online Ticketing Platform

Ap Minister Responds To Pawan Kalyan Over His Criticism Of Online Ticketing Platform, the vie

Andhra Pradesh Minister for Irrigation and Water Resources, P Anil Kumar has responded to actor and Jana Sena Party (JSP) president Pawan Kalyan over his criticism of government’s policy on film ticket pricing.

Speaking to media on Sunday at Nellore, the Minister asked Pawan Kalyan why he feared the online movie ticketing platform which is being set up by the Andhra Pradesh Government. The minister was in the city to monitor a few development projects.

The Minister in his speech said that difficulty in playing roles is the same, doesn’t matter who plays it, whether Pawan Kalyan or any other actor. The minister further questioned the actor saying, “What is the damage caused by it? Pawan Kalyan is only worried about his political existence. It’s not right for the actor to say that the YSR Congress Party is troubling the entire film industry because of him only.” Assuring people, the minister said that the YSRCP government has no intention of agitating the film industry and many prominent celebrities had also discussed the online ticket portal with the officials too.

Firing at the actor, the Minister also said that Pawan Kalyan made that statement with just the sole purpose of criticising the state government. Further stating the benefits of the online ticketing portal, he said that it will lead to transparency as envisaged by the Chief Minister. And the main aim is to keep ticket prices uniform for every movie, despite the status of the movie. The effort and hard work put in making a film are the same for all.

“In our view, Pawan Kalyan and Sampoornesh Babu are the same. If the ticket of a big hero’s film is priced at Rs 200, it’s not a favourite,” said Anil Kumar.

Later, Sampoornesh Babu, the Telugu actor known for his roles in comedy spoofs, responded to minister Anil Kumar’s statement and said that he was very happy to be compared to south superstar Pawan Kalyan. Sampoornesh Babu further said that the film industry is currently in a lot of trouble and exhibitors, in particular, are facing a lot of difficulties. Sampoornesh Babu later asked the government to resolve the issues.

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