No sale, supply brings down seafood prices by 15pc

No sale, supply brings down seafood prices by 15pc, the vie


“Almost after two months, there was a sudden hike in the prices on the first Sunday of Puratasi month, which is unusual. Since the sale was good, the majority of the fishermen went fishing the next day expecting the situation would the same. However, many customers didn’t turn back on the weekdays, and for the past three days, the sale was even worse. The market received only 30 – 40 percent of the customers, and even the fishermen didn’t go for catching fish,” said Vishnu MP, a wholesale trader at Kasimedu fish market.

As the market received less than 60 tonnes of seafood on Sunday, the prices decreased by 15 percent. Now, Seer fish (vanjiram) sold for Rs 700 per kg, black pomfret Rs 600 per kg, anchovy (nethili) Rs 300, red snapper (sankara) Rs 350 per kg, sea bass (koduva) Rs 500 per kg, crabs Rs 250 per kg, squid Rs 250 – Rs 300 per kg.

“Since the sale is dull there is a shortage of supply, and still we end up throwing seafood away. For the next one month, the prices would be the same, and during the weekdays it would be even lesser compared. Apart from this, our sale is also been affected by other traders who bring seafood from other states and selling here,” said Kasinathan P, another trader at Kasimedu market.

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