Vishal Mishra on pandemic: It’s really difficult to be creative at this point of time

Vishal Mishra on pandemic: It’s really difficult to be creative at this point of time, the vie

The music industry is yet to fully revive from the adverse effects of pandemic, and the stagnant live scene is taking a toll not only financially, but creatively as well. And composer-singer Vishal Mishra agrees to it admitting he himself is struggling to stay creative.

“Everything is challenging and it’s not just about concerts not being there. It’s more of a mental lockdown rather than physical. So, when you’re trying to do anything creative, it’s a different space altogether. You’ve to shift outside the negativity, which is hard,” he confesses.

Opening up about his biggest challenge, the Kaise Hua (Kabir Singh , 2019) and Selfish (Race 3, 2018) hitmaker shares it’s not being able to get out of his comfort zone.

“There’s so much negativity all around. So,if you want to write a love song, it’s really difficult because you’ve your imaginative reality taking over the reality that’s there in the world right now. So, to be creative in your imagination and write a song about love is a tough thing to do,” he explains.

Mishra, who recently came out with a romantic song, Tumse Pyaar Hai, lauds the efforts of the musicians, who have infused a touch of romance and positivity in their creations through the times of crisis.

“Anyone who has done this in the past two years is as good as a frontline worker, I feel… because you’re actually doing it for the people. It’s difficult to be creatively blissful at this point of time,” laments the singer, who embarked on his musical journey through a reality show.

In fact, Mishra notes that he himself has been trying his best to entertain people, and leave behind a positive impact through his work.

“From the last lockdown to now, whatever I released, the kind of love and appreciation that my work has got, helped me. It gives me inspiration to make (more) music. That’s why I hope I keep entertaining people and keep giving them positivity in these times of negativity,” he concludes.

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