Adele reveals her favourite Indian dish, gets confused when asked about her sex partners. Watch

Adele reveals her favourite Indian dish, gets confused when asked about her sex partners. Watch, the vie

Adele hosted an Instagram live over the weekend and ended up answering a question about her ‘body count’.

Adele displayed an array of emotions when she hosted an Instagram live over the weekend. The singer fielded a number of questions, including if she’d collaborate with Peppa Pig and her favourite activity during the lockdown. While she had answers to almost all questions, two questions put her in a spot. 

First, she was asked to choose between Chinese and Indian food. Confessing that she enjoys both, she found it difficult to pick just one. “I like Chinese takeout but I also like Indian takeout,” she said, before revealing the dishes she usually orders. “I get sweet and sour chicken Hong Kong style from the Chinese back home and normally get chicken kurma from India,” she added. 

Adele was then asked about her ‘body count.’ The term is a slang that refers to the number of people one has had sex with. While many internet users were aware, Adele seemed confused. “What is your body count? What does that mean?” she asked, evidently baffled by the question. 

Her reaction, however, left fans in splits. Many took to Twitter and shared their reactions. “They asked Adele about her body count I’m- GOODBYE,” a fan tweeted. “Can’t believe you asked Adele about Peppa Pig and body count on her first Instagram live,” another tweet read. 

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Meanwhile, Adele is all set to drop her new album 30. The singer is returning with a new album after an almost five-year hiatus. Although she is yet to reveal the song list, she did tease the first track. She dropped a teaser of the song, titled Easy On Me, on her social media accounts. The song is set to release on October 15. She also played a snippet of the new track during her live session. 

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