Kirtankar Shivlila Patil Apologises to Warkari Sect for Participating in Bigg Boss Marathi

Kirtankar Shivlila Patil Apologises to Warkari Sect for Participating in Bigg Boss Marathi, the vie

Kirtankar Shivlila Patil, who left Bigg Boss Marathi 3 house, has now apologized to the ‘Warkari sect’ for her decision to participate in the reality show. Shivlila left the house on September 29 to receive medical treatment, but later permanently left the show. Warkari sect is a Hindu spiritual group that is geographically associated with Maharashtra.  Now, Shivlila has said that her decision to be in the Bigg Boss house had hurt the followers of the Warkari sect. She apologized for it and promised not to take such a decision without consulting the elders.

Shivlila was earlier trolled by viewers for an old video of hers that went viral on social media. Back when she was on the show, several fans said that she had taken the wrong decision to join Bigg Boss.  They said that as a kirtankar, her job was to devote herself to spirituality with her kirtans and not participate in controversial shows.

While talking to ABP Manjha, Shivleela said, “I apologize to the Warkari sect for my decision to go for ‘Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3’. Though the path I chose to convey my thoughts was wrong, my intention was sincere. I entered the house to enlighten the Marathi-speaking people watching the show about the culture of Maharashtra, Warkari sect, and kirtan tradition.”

“There were allegations that I went for money and publicity. I do not need publicity. I went there to talk more about kirtan traditions. I entered the house after performing a kirtan,” she added.

Commenting on whether she was really “unwell”, as she walked out of the house for treatment, she said, “I am from western Maharashtra, my health deteriorated due to the humid climate and lack of air conditioning. I was admitted to the hospital for four days. I decided to leave Bigg Boss’s house for health reasons.”

Shivleela said that she came to know that elders of the Warkari sect were hurt due to her participation in the show and hence she apologized.

“In the future, I would not go ahead without consulting the elders of the Warkari sect,” she added.

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