BTS: Did you know birthday boy Jimin almost didn’t debut because he ‘wasn’t a good dancer’?

BTS: Did you know birthday boy Jimin almost didn’t debut because he ‘wasn’t a good dancer’?, the vie

BTS member Jimin turned a year older on Wednesday. The singer, who made his debut with fellow BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V and Jungkook over eight years ago, is known for his dancing and singing skills. 

However, did you know Jimin once revealed he almost didn’t make it into BTS because of his dancing skills back then? The singer had appeared JTBC’s Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator in 2017 when he made the shocking reveal. 

“I was in danger of not debuting because I didn’t dance well enough. My major was modern dance. Because idol choreography is so different from what I was used to, I found it difficult,” Jimin said, as reported by Soompi. 

Jin, who joined the Filter singer on the show, added, “Jimin is someone who’s been humble since birth.” He added, “I, however, am too shameless for that. I believe that my face is the best-looking one in the world.”

Jimin has shown he’s a great dancer on numerous occasions. He recently joined fellow members J-Hope and Jungkook to perform on Megan Thee Stallion’s rap portion in their Butter remix version. 

In a recently released behind-the-scenes video, Jimin confessed it was difficult to pull it off. “Jungkook and Hoseok did so well. This isn’t the style of dancing I’m used to so it was difficult (for me). Even learning it was difficult. Jungkook did so well from the start. Though I attended more practice sessions, I still feel like I could’ve done better,” he said. However, through the numerous takes, the trio delivered a flawless performance. 

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BTS has released three tracks this summer. They began with Butter, followed by Permission to Dance and My Universe, a collaboration with Coldplay. The recent track debuted on the top spot of Billboard Hot 100.


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