BTS: Jimin gets soju shots with Jungkook and J-Hope on his birthday, feels awkward spending time with family. Watch

BTS: Jimin gets soju shots with Jungkook and J-Hope on his birthday, feels awkward spending time with family. Watch, the vie

BTS singer Jimin turned a year older on Wednesday. While his fellow BTS members took to social media and shared birthday wishes for him, Jimin spent a little time with the ARMY. He was also briefly joined by J-Hope and Jungkook. 

According to the translation tweeted by Twitter user @doyou__bangtan, during the live chat, the singer revealed he had plans of having dinner with his family. Having spent most of his teenage and early 20s life in Seoul, Jimin confessed he feels awkward spending time on his birthday with his family.

“So while it makes him feel a little awkward to spend his birthday with his parents, he’s incredibly glad. In previous years, he’d only be able to receive congratulations from his members and/or friends and have a drink when possible, but to have his parents come up is so special,” the fan account tweeted. 

After chatting a little with the fans, Jimin decided to call Jungkook and requested him to join his chat. While Jungkook said he was still at the gym, he didn’t take long to be by Jimin’s side. The duo was then joined by J-Hope. Together, the trio had shots of soju (an alcoholic drink from Korea.) 


Jimin also said that he noticed all that the fans did to make his birthday special and he’s grateful for the love. He also added that his relationship with the fandom has evolved over time. 

BTS fan Soo Choi translated, “Jimin said when he saw ARMYs before he felt they were like friends or colleagues, like who could put arms around each other’s shoulders. However, as times go by, the emotion is even deeper so he felt it’s more than a friend now, it’s difficult to express.” The singer added that he had to end his live session soon since he was having dinner with his family. 

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In India, a group of BTS fans raised over 1.6 lakhs in honour of not just Jimin but also RM and Jungkook’s birthdays. The amount will be donated to Habitat for Humanity India, a non-profit organisation that provides affordable shelter, sanitation and housing facilities for those in need.

“Every time we host a donation project, we are overwhelmed by the response people show. While we can never expect the kind of love that is shown for every consecutive project, we are really confident about ARMYs and we know that people always come forward to help noble causes. We closed the project on 10th October, and 1.65 lakh has been raised for the cause,” the team told Hindustan Times. 


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