Woman gives birth to quadruplets in Hyderabad | Hyderabad News

Woman gives birth to quadruplets in Hyderabad | Hyderabad News, the vie

HYDERABAD: In one of the extremely rare deliveries, a 27-year-old woman from Hafeezbaba Nagar of Hyderabad city delivered quadruplets- one male baby and three female babies on Tuesday.
Natural conception of quadruplets is extremely rare- one in 5 crore births and in such cases the delivery is also usually a very complicated one. In this case, the woman who hails from a modest background had taken some fertility enhancement pills.
This was the third pregnancy for Afreen. “She already had high blood pressure and while we were operating, her blood pressure had shot up to 170/ 110. Also she lost a lot of blood during the C section and we had to give her blood while the delivery was still in progress. The babies too started passing stools during the delivery which is a bad sign as they can get choked and there is a risk of death. It was a very difficult delivery and took us over three hours,” said Dr Shoeba Shukoor, chief gynaecologist, Mina Multi-specialty hospital where the delivery happened.
This was the first quadruplets delivered in more than 10,000 deliveries done at the hospital so far. “Quadruplets are extremely rare. Infact in my entire career, I have only seen this one. We regularly deliver twins and occasionally deliver triplets too but quadruplets are extremely rare,” added the doctor.
Meanwhile, all the four babies are healthy and doing fine. Two of them have been put on minimal oxygen support while two others are breathing on their own. Although post partum haemorrhage upto 72 hours after the delivery is common in such cases, the woman is doing fine currently.

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