Dia Mirza gives best look yet at son Avyaan’s face as he sleeps peacefully: ‘No place I’d rather be this Saturday night’ | Bollywood

Dia Mirza gives best look yet at son Avyaan’s face as he sleeps peacefully: ‘No place I’d rather be this Saturday night’ | Bollywood, the vie

Dia Mirza took to Instagram Stories on Saturday to share a glimpse of her son Avyaan sleeping peacefully in his nursery. A jungle-themed toy mobile hung above his cot. He had a pacifier in his mouth and was covered by a blanket with animals printed on it. She wrote in her caption, “No place I’d rather be this Saturday night.”

While Dia has previously shared pictures of Avyaan, his face has always been hidden from the camera. This is the best look at his face yet.

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Dia Mirza shared a picture of Avyaan on Instagram Stories.

Recently, Dia and her husband Vaibhav Rekhi celebrated their first Diwali with Avyaan. Vaibhav’s daughter Samaira Rekhi was also a part of the festivities.

Avyaan was prematurely born in May this year via an emergency cesarean section. He was in the neonatal ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for a few weeks before he came home. Talking about his first Diwali, Dia told Hindustan Times, “It is overwhelming to see Avyaan celebrate his first Diwali after all the challenges he had to overcome this year. He is truly a little champ and it has been so enriching to see him deal with everything that came his way with a big smile and such a pure, joyful spirit.”

“I hope, as adults, we too can go back to this state of utter innocence and trust in the universe. Both Vaibhav and I, are truly grateful to be able to celebrate our very first Diwali with Avyaan,” she added.

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Earlier, in an Instagram post, Dia talked about the change in her and Vaibhav after Avyaan’s birth. “As we watch this tiny being, this Zen master in awe and wonder, we learn from him, in all humility, the true meaning of trusting the universe and of parenthood. And to not be afraid, and so we humbly take the lead from his resilience and courage,” she wrote.

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