Nawab Malik alleges Aryan Khan’s case ‘matter of kidnapping and ransom’

Nawab Malik alleges Aryan Khan’s case ‘matter of kidnapping and ransom’, the vie

Nawab Malik alleges Aryan Khan’s case ‘matter of kidnapping and ransom’, the vie

Nawab Malik has alleged that Aryan Khan’s case is a matter of ‘kidnapping and ransom’, sharing a telephonic conversation that reportedly took place between Sanville Adrian D’Souza aka Sam D’Souza and an NCB official

On Sunday, Sameer Wankhede’s father Dhyandev Kachruji Wankhede filed a defamation suit in the Bombay High Court against Nawab Malik and sought Rs 1.25  crore in damages, according to several media reports.

As per Live LawDhyandev has claimed that Malik’s remarks, in press releases or interviews or social media including but not limited to his in press releases or interviews or social media including but not limited to his Twitter account, are ‘tortious and defamatory in nature’.

The 72-year-old has moved the court for a permanent injunction restraining Malik, members of his party or “all others acting under or or his instructions”from publishing, writing or speaking in the media or publishing in any manner defamatory material about him and his family members, as per the report.

Dhyandevhas further sought deletion of articles, tweets, interviews, including in electronic and social media against him and his family, and temporary injunction restraining them ‘from publishing, writing and speaking in any media’.

This comes just hours after Malik alleged that Aryan Khan did not purchase the ticket for the Cordelia Cruise ship party and claimed that NCB official Sameer Wankhede was part of a plot to kidnap Shah Rukh Khan’s son.

Addressing a press conference on Sunday, Malik claimed that BJP leader Mohit Bharatiya, also known as Mohit Kamboj, was the mastermind of the drugs-on-cruise case and that he partnered with Wankhede in demanding ransom.

Aryan Khan was last month arrested following a raid led by Wankhede on a cruise ship from which drugs were allegedly seized. He was later granted bail by the Bombay High Court. Malik has repeatedly termed the cruise drugs raid as “fake” and levelled a series allegations against Wankhede.

The minister on Sunday claimed Wankhede had met Bharatiya at a ‘kabarastan’ (graveyard) in suburban Oshiwara. “But, because of his (Wankhede’s) good luck, we couldn’t get the footage since police’s CCTV was not functioning. Hence, out of fear, Wankhede had lodged a false complaint that he was being stalked,” Malik said.

“The alleged cruise rave party was a plot to kidnap Aryan Khan for ransom, of which Mohit Bharatiya was the mastermind,” the NCP leader alleged.

Accusing Wankhede of being involved in the plot, he claimed Bharatiya was a member of Wankhede’s “private army”.

Malik appealed to Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan to come forward and support his fight against injustice. He accused Wankhede of creating fear among drug consumers while protecting peddlers and traffickers.

He claimed the trap to kidnap Aryan Khan was laid through Rishabh Sachdeva, the brother-in-law of Bharatiya.

“Rs 25 crore were sought, and the deal was finalised at Rs 18 crore…Rs 50 lakh were given. The deal got spoilt because the selfie of K P Gosavi (NCB’s witness in the cruise drugs case) with Aryan, after his arrest, became viral,” he claimed.

The minister further said there have been attempts to frighten Shah Rukh Khan that since he “gave an amount of Rs 50 lakh”, he too becomes an accused.

“I appeal to him not to get scared. If your child is kidnapped and ransom is sought and the parent pays it, he is the victim and not the accused,” Malik said.

Aryan Khan was taken to the cruise party by Pratik Gabba and Aamir Furniturewala, he claimed, adding that Sachdeva, Gabba and Furniturewala were let off by the NCB.

“Kashif Khan, an organiser of the cruise party, had tried hard to invite state minister Aslam Shaikh and children of our top ministers to come to the party,” he claimed.

“Besides cases of Aryan Khan and Sameer Khan (Malik’s son-in-law), all 26 cases (being probed by the NCB) should be given to the SIT for probe. If there is an attempt to scare me by putting my son-in-law’s case for re-examination, let me be clear that I am not scared,” the minister said.

Malik also shared a telephone conversation that allegedly took between Sanville Adrian D’Souza aka Sam D’Souza and an NCB official. D’Souza was accused of “brokering a deal” — purportedly between Pooja Dadlani, actor Shah Rukh Khan’s manager, and KP Gosavi to let off Aryan Khan in the case.

Malik in the tweet claimed that the person’s name is Sanville Steanley D’souza and not Sam D’souza.

In the audio, D’Souza, who introduced himself as Sanville, called VV Singh, an NCB official. Sanville, who reportedly lived in Bandra, could be heard saying that he was calling in response to a notice served to him by the agency at his house.

The NCP minister tweeted a notice that was issued to D’souza by the NCB, bearing his real name.

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