Rains flood arterial roads, subways in Chennai

Rains flood arterial roads, subways in Chennai, the vie


Roads, especially in relatively affluent areas like Egmore, T Nagar, and Kodambakkam were flooded with knee-deep rainwater posing challenges to motorists. Also, rainwater entered houses in areas like Kolathur, T Nagar, Vepery, and others.

Heavily flooded roads include EVR Periyar Road, Pantheon Road, Vepery High Road, Sterling Road, EVK Sampath Road, and others. A few subways, including the Gengu Reddy subway in Chetpet, were closed due to heavy flooding. Ironically, the Ripon Building, the headquarters of Chennai Corporation is completely flooded making it difficult to enter the building.

As per the Chennai Corporation data, severe waterlogging was reported in 41 locations and five trees fell on roads. “Measures have been taken to clear the rainwater and remove trees from streets. Also, several persons have been rescued from low-lying areas. They are sheltered in relief centers,” an official said.

In a move to ensure the safety of the city lakes, the government has started releasing water from Cholavaram and Redhills. Also, water discharge has been increased from Poondi lake.

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