BTS reacts as South Korean President Moon Jae-in congratulates group on AMA win: ‘Feel a sense of pride’

BTS reacts as South Korean President Moon Jae-in congratulates group on AMA win: ‘Feel a sense of pride’, the vie

BTS thanked South Korean President Moon Jae-in for congratulating the group on their win at the 2021 American Music Awards. The group bagged three awards at the awards show, including Artist of the Year. 

Taking to Twitter, The Blue House tweeted, “‘A big congratulations and thanks to BTS for winning the AMAs’. We deliver the message of President Moon Jae-in. @BTS_twt #BTS.” It also shared a note by the President.

As translated by a BTS fan, the note read, “I would like to send congratulations and thank BTS for winning the AMA Grand Prize. Last month, the US global think-tank Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), held an unusual conference on the theme of ‘Korea’s soft power’. At the conference, world-renowned scholar Joseph Nye, the founder of the concept of ‘soft power’, praised South Korea for showing the world’s most dynamic soft power by combining unprecedented economic success and vibrant democracy. It means Korean culture is dominating the world, and it is also showing its strength in national character and diplomacy.”

It continued, “BTS’ Grand Prize at the AMA this year confirmed that once again. The news of this conference was only partially reported before, and the reason why I’m introducing it again is because I remembered what Joseph Nye added. He said this, ‘Even though there is no country has been more successful than South Korea over the past 60 years, so many Koreans think they are weak and lagging behind. That affects their optimism and creativity.’ What do you think everyone? Don’t you think it’s worth having confidence and pride now?”

Replying to the tweet, BTS said, “Mr President, thank you for congratulating us on our AMAs win. We also feel a sense of pride regarding the meaningful achievement Korean pop music has made in the global music market. We look forward to our culture and artists capturing the hearts of those all over the world in a greater variety of fields in times to come!” A fan translated the text from Korean to English.

, the vie
A fan translated the text.
, the vie
The text was translated from Korean to English.

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BTS won three awards at the music event–Artist of the Year, Favorite Pop Song and Favorite Pop Duo/Group. The group won the most honourable prize for the first time as an Asian artist.

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