2.45 lakh people skip second dose of Covid-19 vaccine in Coimbatore | Coimbatore News

2.45 lakh people skip second dose of Covid-19 vaccine in Coimbatore | Coimbatore News, the vie

COIMBATORE: As many as 2.45 lakh people have skipped their second dose of covid-19 vaccination in Coimbatore city.
The health wing of the city corporation has taken out the list of people who are reluctant to get vaccinated and distributed their contact number with employees so that they can reach out to them and get them vaccinated. The civic body has been conducting vaccination camps regularly and mass vaccination camps are being organized once a week. Although vaccines are freely available the response has come down.
The gap between two doses for Covaxin is 28 days, whereas the gap is 84 days for the Covishield. While around 95% of the eligible population has taken the first dose, only 55% of them have received the second dose so far. Among those eligible for the second dose, some got their turn in August but are still showing reluctance.
“Plenty of vaccine doses are available at present, but responses from the people have come down. As of today (Wednesday) we have 60,000 plus doses and we can get up to 30,000 more doses from the rural health officials. The mass vaccination camp held last Thursday witnessed only around 9,000 takers in the city,” a health official from the city corporation said.
The tepid response from people for the second dose could be due to eroding fear of the infection as the number of covid-19 cases reported in the city has been coming down. At present, 45-55 cases are being reported in a day on an average while tests are being conducted anywhere between 4000-5000 in a day, he said.
People who had fever after taking the first dose could hesitate to take the second dose due to the fear of getting fever once again. However, observations show that people do not get fever after the second dose if they had fever after getting first dose, he said.
The official added that they got response for the second dose when health staff make a personal visit or call them over phone insisting to get the second dose.

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