Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant cries and says ‘do not run away to Canada’ as husband Ritesh gets evicted

Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant cries and says ‘do not run away to Canada’ as husband Ritesh gets evicted, the vie

Rakhi Sawant was shocked to know that her husband Ritesh was voted out of Bigg Boss 15, and she requested him to not ‘run away’ as she bid him goodbye on Sunday’s Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan episode.

Announcing the eviction, Salman said, “The person who will be evicted from the show is Ritesh. Ritesh, who has the highest IQ, got the lowest number of votes. And, I am sure, you know why you got the least number of votes, Ritesh.” Ritesh said, “yes sir,” and Salman continued, “I had been trying to make you understand, even Rakhi did but you did not restrain yourself. So, you got the least number of votes, because of India’s audience and Rakhi’s fans.”

As soon as Salman Khan announced the name of the contestant to be evicted from the house, Rakhi Sawant was shocked. When Salman reminded Ritesh that it was time for him to walk out of the house, Rakhi followed her husband and told him, “Mujhe chhor kar bhaag mat jaana please. Tum bhaag mat jaana Canada wagaira kahin (Do not run away and leave me behind. Please do not run away to Canada or somewhere).” He told her, “Mai yahi hoon (I am right here),” but she insisted, “Nahi bhaag mat jaana please. Meri kasam khao, nahi kahi bhaag nahi jaana (No, please promise me that you won’t leave me and run away).” She insisted that he must promise her that he won’t leave and Ritesh obliged. 

Rakhi added, “Are you angry with me? Meri kasam khao, mujhe maaf karo (Promise me, and forgive me).” Ritesh said, “Ha baba, theek hai (Yes, it is alright).” Ritesh then hugged her. “Acche se khelna aur jeet k aana (Play well and win the show),” he said. Rakhi then turned towards Salman Khan and said, “Sir! Please.” Salman then told her, “He won’t run away. I assure you, he will leave the house right now but won’t run away now.”

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Rakhi even fell to her knees, holding Ritesh’s legs. As he walked towards the gate, Ritesh asked her to play well. Rakhi went back to him and held his hands, urging him not to leave her. Even as he bid goodbye to everyone else, she kept asking him not to leave her. Shamita Shetty also told Ritesh to never forget that Rakhi loves him very much. Everyone else consoled Rakhi and assured her that Ritesh won’t go anywhere. As he left the house, Ritesh assured her that he will stay in Mumbai.

Ritesh and Rajiv Adatia were voted out of the ongoing reality show Bigg Boss 15 on Sunday.

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